Vision Therapy Changes Lives!

What our patients say after Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy in action

"Dr. Ceonzo helped my vision. She was friendly the first time I met her and I liked her from the beginning. .... She helped me to stop looking at my nose while I was reading.  She gave me ... fun exercises to improve my vision."

-A 7 year-old who went from reading remediation before vision therapy to above grade level reading after vision therapy.

"Prior to vision therapy, my daughter had difficulty reading. The words were all over the page, almost like they were moving on her.  She skipped words and lines. Now she can read across each line without difficulty. Her eyes never seemed to work together - near or far.  Seeing objects far away was a task. Now she can spot the dolphin jumping in the ocean.  :)  She also suffered from migraines because of her eyes straining and no longer does. LIFE CHANGING!"


"Jake had a difficult time when reading, now he reads faster, does not skip lines and does not feel tired.  He also struggled with hitting and catching in sports, but now plays baseball, football, and hockey with success.  We are lucky to have ended up in the magic hands of Dr. Ceonzo."

-Jake's mom

"I came to Dr. Ceonzo with a vision problem...where my eyes were not fully coordinated in working together.  The made driving my car, and various other everyday activities, more challenging, as I had to actually work quite hard in order to maintain steady vision/focus.

Thanks to Dr. Ceonzo I am now back on track with my driving.  My overall visual clarity has improved, as have my cognitive skills.  I am reading with more enthusiasm and frequency, whereas in the past I might have avoided reading..., but now I find myself reaching for various magazines, newspapers, books, brochures, and also reading off my computer screen.  This is a new concept for me, and a welcomed one too."


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